Going around the bend in Linden

Linden residents campaigning for a slower speed limit in their village’s narrow, windy streets feel their calls are falling on deaf ears.

Vice president of the Linden Citizens’ Association (LCA) Jeremy Leather said the current speed limit of 50km/h was too high for parts of the town because of sharp bends, dips, blind spots and no footpaths.

He said families feel unsafe getting around the neighbourhood and introducing a 40km/h zone would solve the problem.

“There are about six streets in Linden that are very windy and very narrow, in particular Glossop Road and Chapman Avenue/Martin Place,” Mr Leather said.

“But every time we approach Roads and Maritime Services [RMS] they get us onto council.”

Council recently took a more proactive role, installing ‘watch for pedestrians’ signs and writing to NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay in December, urging him to consider introducing 40km/h zones on Linden roads and other local roads where residents are concerned about safety.

Clr Chris Van der Kley called for the move after being approached by LCA members.

“The RMS has basically said no [to 40km/h zones] because all residential zones [in NSW] are 50km/h speed zones,” Clr Van der Kley said.

“But I believe it’s time we started to change these sorts of things.

“At some of the new housing subdivisions we’ve got around the Blue Mountains the roads are getting narrower and if you get one parked car there you can’t travel at 50km/h — it’s near impossible to.

“And I can’t see us putting footpaths in every street in the Blue Mountains because when I first got on council the question was asked of the staff how long would it take at the present rate and someone said 73 years ... I’ll be dead and gone by then.”

Clr Romola Hollywood said “it has been a real shame” negotiations between council and RMS had failed.

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