Anti-Adani protest

More than 350 people attended the anti-Adani mine protest in Sydney last weekend.

More than 350 people attended the anti-Adani mine protest in Sydney last weekend.

Last weekend a group of Blue Mountains residents from Yellow Rock, Leura, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls and Woodford joined more than 350 people from greater Sydney, filling Paddington Town Hall at the sold-out #StopAdani Summit.

The Blue Mountains group spent time planning how they could raise awareness about the proposed Adani coal mine. If built, the mine would be one of the largest in the world; it would drain billions of litres of water every year from the Galilee Basin, result in 4.6billion tonnes of carbon pollution and damage the Great Barrier Reef.

Adani has not been able to secure the finance it needs to build the mega mine to date, with 24 financial institutions across the world turning them away, including all big four Australian banks. The Federal Government, however, is considering a $1 billion loan.

Leura local Laura McLauchlan said: "It's not just about stopping the $1 billion loan of taxpayers’ money to Adani, it's also about ending Australia's love-affair with dirty coal.  

"Blue Mountains residents like all Australians care about our kids future, the Great Barrier Reef and creating jobs in clean energy industry. A big new coal mine does not meet that future."
The Blue Mountains group is planning on creating a human sign on October 7 at the Katoomba Community Garden during the Festival of Joy, as well as holding a #StopAdani Hoedown on December 9. More information about these events or getting involved in the local group can be made by contacting or through

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