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About Dental Corporation

Providing a comprehensive range of support services and growth assistance, our partnership model empowers dentists to focus on dentistry and patients. Our model allows dentists continue to lead and oversee the day-to-day operations of their clinics, while our corporate teams provide a range of back-office support.
Our model:

  • facilitates and expands high-quality dental services, helping communities access excellent dental care
  • partners with a strategic mix of dental clinics. These clinics are operated by principal dentists who are highly experienced leaders in their field. Clinics are run with a good depth of management and experienced support staff, generating a consistent and growing patient flow.
  • streamlines back office operations, enabling dentists to focus on dentistry rather than paperwork. BDC principals retain their clinical autonomy while gaining valuable best practice support in financial reporting, management, information services, human resources, accounts payable, marketing and more.
  • supports our clinics to expand and grow, providing a dedicated, highly skilled operations team as consultative support in all areas.
  • collaborates with like-minded dentists who share knowledge and experience within our group. This improves practitioners’ ability to learn from each other and expand their expertise in dentistry.
  • provides ongoing professional development, investing in the delivery of industry-leading clinical training and practice management to our clinic staff.
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