Hazelbrook Bowling Club

Wednesday Open Singles.
This week it wasn’t singles. Greenkeeper and bowls competitions nerd, Nick, came up with a pairs competition called Russian Roulette. 16 players are needed and you play with a different partner every 6 ends. If you want to know more I can’t help you, just come along next Wednesday, maybe it’ll be on again or maybe there’ll be something involving pogo sticks and llamas, who knows what weird concept he’s liable to come up with. Incidentally, Dave Hearns won this week, but has got no idea how.
Friday social pairs. Winners, most ends.
Chris Williams has been absent the last couple of weeks with a sore neck. A few of the members asked me to mention how much they missed his endearing little idiosyncrasies. Here are some they raised.
1/ How he smiles and congratulates you when you take out his shot bowl.
2/ His poise and gentle demeanor that sets an example for us all.
3/ Always saying the right thing at the right time.
4/ His almost painful shyness.
Hurry back mate.
Dmoz, R.Douglas def. D.Weise, J.Ackland 19-17 [11 ends].
M.Drake/I.Hurley, R.Patara def. Lord Hurley, G.Stinson 17-12 [11].
W.Sharpe, D.Foley def. S.Rawson, S.Lee 18-13 [13].
S.Rixon, T.Sharp def. N.Lennox, N.Mcleod 28-10 [13].
B.Palme, N.Hancott def. K.Weise, J.Collins 22-17 [13].
The winners today were first gamer A.Hindmarsh [welcome Ann], D.Hearns def. T.Doyle, J.Peoples 30-15 [14].
Challenge Pairs. Second Semi Final.
Adam Bielderman and Morgan Drake vs. Keith Weise and John Ackland.
In the first set there was no splitting them; 4-4.
Second set Adam and Morgan jumped out to a 4-0 lead. Then Keith and John stormed back to 3-4 but ran out of ends. Adam and Morgan into the final, 1.5--0.5. Struth, that was close.
Challenge Pairs Final. Adam and Morgan fronted up again to play Ray Patara and Henry Bielderman. There is no kind way of saying this. Adam and Morgan blitzed Ray and Henry. No family mercies here as the Young Turks cruised home, 2 sets to nil, becoming Challenge Pairs Champions for 2020. Well done boys, big result.
Zone Champion of Champions Singles.
Dave Hearns headed back to Campbelltown to represent Hazelbrook in this prestigious event.
First up, in round three, Dave had a big win over Chris Couchman from Austral Eagles 31-9.
Semi Final.
Dave faced a tough draw, playing Adam Johnson on his home green. Dave began well but Adam stuck with him and took the lead 11-9, 17-13 and 22-15. Things were looking grim for Dave but he hung in there and got it back to 21-24. Then the turning point of the match. Dave scored a maximum 4 to take the lead, 25-24. Suddenly he had a spring in his step, and with Rico going off in the greenside seats, Dave won the next 3 ends and finished like a good thing to get up 31-25. Well done Davey. Final tomorrow morning for the Cardiac Kid.
Sunday Final.
Dave’s opponent was Paul Faorlin from Blacktown Workers. Dave quickly realised that this wasn’t going to be easy as Paul was playing right at the top of his game, and in no time was leading 11-0. Dave finally got on the scoreboard after 5 ends, but Paul just kept up the pressure, rarely sending down a bowl that wasn’t on the money. The score ballooned out to 26-6 before Dave showed his fighting qualities, winning the next 5 ends, bringing it back to 14-26. Everybody watching the live stream, along with the lucky few at Campbelltown were willing Dave on, but Paul then scored 3 shots on the next end. On the 27th end
with the score at 30-15, Dave held 4 shots with Paul’s last bowl to come. With a delivery that pretty well summed up the game, Paul picked up the jack for 1 shot and game. Worthy Champion of Champions.
Great campaign Dave, the way you fight back and never throw in the towel is respected by everyone you play. Fantastic effort.

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