Blue Mountains Golf Results


Monday mixed veterans, February 10. Winners, 63 points, V. Saunders, I. Cordery, J. Turner, D. Cleverley; runners-up, 60 points ocb, T. Coop, D. Peterson, A. Adams, S. Frawley.

NTP: Ladies, 13th, T. Coop. Gents, 13th, T. Spriggs; 18th, I. Cordery. Next week, reverse Aussie 4 ball.


Sunday, February 16, Blue Mountains District Pennants, round 5. All four pennant divisions were decided this week with Wentworth Falls securing two titles - the Masters and the Kortum Shield.

In the Masters Murray Patterson's team defeated Wentworth Falls' other team 5-1 to take the pennant for the second year in a row.

While In Kortum Shield, Jeff Gorrie's team defeated Springwood 2 by 3 matches to nil, to remain undefeated and secure the title.

In the Seniors the boys unfortunately went down to the undefeated Lithgow.

In A Reserves, Jeff Kryger's team were unlucky to lose 3-2 to Springwood 1 in the batlle for the title and narrowly miss out on the pennant. The other A Reserve team also had a narrow 3-2 loss to Springwood 2.

Congratulations to all players this year as having 50 players represent the club through the season was a fantastic effort. A huge thank you to pennant sponsors d'vine Cellars Wentworth Falls and Wentworth Falls Pro Shop.

The ladies' season commenced this week. Unfortunately the ladies lost their first game 5-1 against Leura.

Saturday, February 15, single stableford and 2B aggregate (60 starters). The wet weather arrived early reducing a large field to only 60 players. However some good scores were still produced with Scott Aarts and Stuart Liddell having the best scores of the day with both shooting 39 pts with Sue West the next best with 37 pts.

The A grade winner was Farquhar Boyd (7) with 35 pts ocb from David Hussey (Killara 7) also with 35 pts.

The B grade winner was Tory Aarts (18) with 39 pts ocb from Stuart Liddell (14) also with 39 pts.

The C grade winner was Hugh Wilson (23) with 35 pts from Jamie Taylor (35) with 34 pts.

The Ladies winner was Sue West (28) with 37 pts.

The Scratch winner was Bronko Djura (3) with 29 pts.

In the 2B aggregate the winners were Kevin Simcock (Clearwater NZ 9) and Stuart Liddell (14) with 74 pts from Lang Doolan (PGA 0) and David Hussey (Killara 7) with 67 pts ocb.

NT: 5th Scott Haley with 144cm, 9th Troy Aarts with 134cm, 11th in 2 Tim Kennedy with 374cm, 12th Mark Griffin with 96cm, 15th Dave Loftus with 195cm.

The putting competition was won by Kevin Simcock with 27 putts ocb.

The mystery hole was the 5th this week and Scott Haley wins the pot of $45. Balls went to 32 ocb.

Members welcome and thank visitors from Clearwater NZ, Karuah and Killara.

Thursday, February 13, single stableford and spilt sixes (84 starters). The Div 1 winner was Andrew MacArthur (18) with 43 pts. The Div 2 winner was Norm Fraser (19) with 40 pts. The runner-up was Lawie Lawless (16) with 39 pts.The Scratch winner was John Menin (10) with 31 pts ocb.

The Ladies winner was Caroline Miller (20) with 40 pts from Lea Schaefer (22) with 38 pts.

In the 2B spilt sixes winners were John Menin (10) and John Turner (13) with 73 pts from Norm Fraser (19) and Tony Richardson (Springwood 25) with 70 pts.

NTP: Men 9th Daryl Kelly with 214cm, Ladies 9th Caroline Miller with 79cm, 11th in 2 Di Smith with 650cm. Balls went to 32 ocb for the men and 33 ocb for the ladies.

Tuesday, February 11, single stableford (23 starters). The winner was Bob Shakeshaft (19) with 43 pts.

NTP: 5th Bob Shakeshaft with 533cm, 12 in 2 Garry Newbury. Balls went to 34 ocb.


On Tuesday, February 11 it was congratulations to Cathy Moore (28) for a stableford round of 38 points to be the week's winner. (Cathy should have had over 40 points, but she wiped 2 holes). Camilla Brown (WFCC) (35) came in with 36 points, one point behind was Helen Canella (28).

NTP went to Sarah Pearson, 5th; Helen Canella, 11th; Linda Andersen, 17th. There were cheers from the 7th hole when Nancy had a birdie and members are all in awe of Jo who was on the par 5, 16th green, for 2.

Saturday's golf was a bit wet and only two ladies finished the 18 holes.

Starting on Tuesday, March 4, Tim will hold a beginners' clinic for 4 weeks. The time for the clinic will be from 10-11am. No golf membership is necessary and the cost will be $40 for the 4 lessons. For more details ring Tim at the Pro Shop on 4784-1503.


Wednesday, February 14: 2 Ball winners were Rick Riley (25) and Erwin Liedl (26) who combined well to score 53 points. Rick also won the singles event with 48 stableford points from runner-up Steve Sheridan (10) who had 38 points. The ball sweep went to 38 points: K.

Hughes, O. Mc Donald, P. Leo.

Saturday, February 15: 2 Ball winners were Peter Tulloch (23) and Jeremy Townend (25) who had 46 points to win on count back. Angelo Garofano (18) won the singles with 38 points on count back from Peter Tulloch (23) who also had 38 points. The ball sweep went to 34

points: R. Montgomery, S. Brown, W. Elliot, P. Hume and A. Coady.

NTP: 2nd D. Davies 236cm, 7th C. Jennings 143cm, 9th B. Cox 160cm, 11th P. Eastment 970cm.

Next Saturday is a 2 Ball multiplier and single stableford competition. To book in call the pro-shop on 4784-1503.


On Friday, February 14 members played their 9 holes at Leura GC.

This week it was time for the stroke round and counting of putts. Camilla Brown the our star with both her stroke score and putts. Congratulations Camilla. Linda Andersen was 4 strokes behind Camilla and Cherida Green, 5 strokes behind.

Next week the club is booked in at Lithgow GC. Welcome Ann Stewart who is visiting from England and trying to play as much golf as possible with her sister.

For more information on Friday 9 hole social golf, phone Janette on 4782-3719.


Tuesday February 11, medley single stableford. Div 1 winner, M. Fazel (21) 42 points; Div 1 runner-up, A. McEwan (13) 41 points.

NTP: 18th A grade, Winmalee Quality Meats, N. Richardson. 18th B grade, Springwood Golf Shop, M. Fazel. Balls to 35 ocb.

Thursday February 13, singles + 2BBB stableford. 2BBB winners were V. Galea (30) and A. Andrews (20) with 49 points. 2BBB runners-up were M. Hancock (6) and J. Minney (11) with 48 points.

Div 1 winner M. Hancock (6) 43 points; Div 1 runner-up I. Boo (8) 40 points.

Div 2 winner D. Marmo (23) 40 points; Div 2 runner-up T. Toohey (31) 38 points ocb. Scratch B. Cole 34 points ocb.

NTP: 2nd, Sun Valley Produce, B. Gibson; 3rd, Springwood Golf Shop, D. Marmo; 6th, Sweeney Todd's Men's Haircutting, P. Ballard; 8th, Emu Plains Mowers, A. Andrews; 12th, Winmalee Quality Meats, B. Boots; 13th, Bill Luhrs Auto Electrical, Barry Beauvais; 17th, Blue Mtns Telecommunications, C. Marchall (draw); 18th, Springwood Taxis, D. Edge. Balls to 35 ocb.

Saturday, February 15, singles + 2BBB stableford. 2BBB winners were C. Kenney (23) and R. Kelly (18) with 45 points ocb.

A Grade winner C. Bourne (10) 40 points ocb; runner-up R. McAnally (6) 40 points.

B Grade winner D. Bamford (15) 39 points ocb; runner-up R. Kelly (18) 39 points.

C Grade winner A. Bent (29) 34 points ocb; runner-up G. Harrison (20) 34 Points ocb.

NTP: 3rd, Springwood Golf Shop, J. Minney; 6th, Sweeney Todd's Men's Haircutting, B. Harris; 8th, Emu Plains Mowers, A. Geldard; 12th, Winmalee Quality Meats, D. Westaway; 15th, Dextralog Computers, A. Dwyer; 17th, Beelgara Wines, R. McAnally; 18th, Springwood Taxis, C. Arundell. Balls to 33 ocb.


Thursday, February 13 was a stroke event for a Club Medal, Rd 3 of the Roy Smith Bowl and Rd 1 of the GNSW medal along with the playoff for the 2013 Gold Medal. The winner of the February medal was Di Pease (19) with a fine 70 nett ahead of Rhonda Lonergan (20) with 74 nett.

The winner of the 2013 Gold medal was Rhonda Lonergan (20) with 74 nett. The scratch winner was Di Pease with the putting going to Ali Brinkman with 27 putts.

NTP on the Vegie Patch sponsored 13th went to Rhonda Lonergan and balls went to D. Pease, R. Lonergan, A. Brinkman, J. Hawkins, J. Simpson, J. Aitken and S. Draper.

Next Thursday the ladies play a Par event sponsored by Di McGuire.

The Blackheath ladies Pennant team of K. Tatton, R. Lonergan, C. Fitzgerald, A. Traill and D. McGuire had a great win over Springwood 4 matches to 1.

Saturday, February 15 was the Ladies Foursomes Championships over 27 holes sponsored by Joan Cogswell. The winners were Louise Stevenson (8) and Cindy Fitzgerald (23) with 144 ahead of Rhonda Lonergan (19) and Ali Brinkman (17) on 151. The handicap winners were Louise Stevenson (8) and Cindy Fitzgerald (23) with 120 3/4 nett.

Balls went to L. Stevenson, C. Fitzgerald, R. Lonergan, A. Brinkman, J. Simpson and L. Simpson.

Next Saturday the ladies play a single stableford sponsored by Desley Alexander.


Wednesday, February 12 was midweek single stableford and 2 Ball time sponsored by Dave's Pro shop. The winner of the single event was "Mr Reliable" . . . Barry Simpson (9) with 41 points winning a $50 voucher ahead of Rua Kenny (19) on 40 points ocb winning a $25 voucher. The 2 Ball also went to Barry Simpson (9) and Rua Kenny (19) with 49 points winning a $25 voucher each.

NTP on the Anonymous Cafe sponsored 2nd wasn't won, the 5th went to Tony McQuillan at 203cms and on the 17th to Ray Hawkins at 407cms. Balls went to 35 points ocb.

Don't forget to have a crack at this great midweek event call Dave on 4787-5643.

Saturday, February 15 was the men's Foursomes Championships over 27 holes sponsored by Aub Huggins and Phil Stricke. The 2014 Foursomes champions are Barry Simpson and Rob Thompson with 115 ahead of Al Campbell and Ossie Antaw 4 shots back on 119.

The A grade handicap winners were Mick Lonergan (14) and John Holmes (12) playing off 13 with 106 1/2 ahead of Dalton Jones (14) and Jason Roberts (10) playing off 12 with 111.

The 2014 B grade Foursome champion were Superintendant, Luke Skinner and his father Robert Skinner with 136 ahead of Ian Griffiths and Adam Gronlund a shot back on 137. 

The B grade handicap winners were Michael Gregg (21) and John Haynes (21) playing off 21 with 111 1/2 ahead of Rua Kenny (19) and Andre Schuster (16) playing off 17 1/2 with 112 1/2.

NTP on the 5th went to Bruce Ranse at 110cms, on the 14th to Barry Dorrough at 500 cms and on the 17th to Rod Tubbs at 203cms.

Next Saturday the men play a single stableford and 2 Ball sponsored by Graham Jones.