Canberra Young Turks victorious in gateball

Despite heavy rain for much of the weekend, gateballers at Blackheath's annual tournament declared the event a huge success. 

Players from as far afield as Mount Tamborine in Queensland enjoyed great competition, enhanced by wonderful Mountains hospitality. The event has brought increasing numbers of

gateballers to Blackheath each year, such is its reputation for challenging games, great camaraderie and "the best food at any competition in New South Wales and possibly the world," according to Glenn Whitehead, captain of winning team, Canberra Young Turks.

After 28 fast and furious games, teams were divided into two pools and a final series round robin took place. 

Winners of the first block were Canberra, beating Tamborine Mountain Raptors in a stunning display of skills, strategy and teamwork. Winners of the second block were Newcastle Kingfishers, who scored the highest points in their block.

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