Inquest clears Bodington Nursing Home

Bodington Nursing Home at Wentworth Falls has welcomed the findings of the NSW State Coroner’s Court into the death of former resident, Sibyl Zimmerman.

Deputy Coroner Hugh Dillon dismissed all allegations against the home’s staff in his findings handed down on Friday. 

Mrs Zimmerman’s daughters alleged their mother had died from a morphine overdose administered by a nurse at the home and that the incident was then covered up by falsifying the nursing home’s drug register.

Mr Dillon questioned the veracity of the claims during the inquest before formally dismissing them in his findings.

“Deputy Coroner Dillon vindicated staff and the Home by dismissing all allegations against them,” said a spokeswoman from Bodington Nursing Home in a statement.

“Bodington Nursing Home commends its staff for their professional care of residents. 

“Bodington Nursing Home is fully accredited by the Department of Social Services. Accreditation is a rigorous and independent external process that confirms the care services offered at the facility are of the highest standard,” the statement said.