Drugs were stashed in bra, court hears

Elizabeth Ellen Mitchell, on a disability pension, of Hazelbrook, appeared in Katoomba Local Court on Monday charged with bringing drugs into a detention centre.

Mitchell, 51, attempted to bring a small quantity of a prohibited drug concealed in her bra, into the Bathurst Correctional Centre — 0.7 grams of Buprenorphine — at 9am on Saturday, November 2, last year.

The court heard she had intended to visit her partner who is a current inmate. When subjected to a search by correctives staff, “two small water balloons were located in her bra and police contacted”.

It was heard she purchased the drug at Woodlands Clinic at Katoomba Hospital and the four 8ml suboxone (a brand name for Buprenorphine) was what she used to withdraw from heroin, police said.

She told police she brought the suboxone to the jail “to give to her partner who had requested it to pay a debt”.

She has pleaded guilty and will appear back in court on May 19.