The mind is key to health: expert

Dr Ian Gawler.
Dr Ian Gawler.

Internationally recognised author, cancer patient advocate and health promotion pioneer Dr Ian Gawler will speak in Katoomba on July 5.

Dr Gawler will present a one-day workshop at The Carrington Hotel from 10am-4pm.

"I love being able to help people to recover from cancer and I have seen it happen many times. However, there are so many people I have known who have been afflicted by this tough disease; and we all say the best way to treat cancer is to prevent it," he said.

"It seems all the authorities these days agree cancer is a highly preventable illness.

"A healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising, and using the power of the mind - all these things are well proven to prevent the chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as cancer.

"However, while many people these days know this in theory, many still struggle to do the right thing by themselves and their families," said Dr Gawler.

"So many I meet are looking for help to work out how to eat well consistently, to exercise, to manage their stress, to relax and to meditate regularly. This is where the mind comes in, for of course it is the mind that decides what we do. The mind decides what we eat and drink and how much of it. Whether we exercise or smoke. How we manage our relationships, our stress levels and whether or not we use techniques like meditation."

Dr Gawler discusses these issues in his recent book The Mind that Changes Everything.

At Dr Gawler's presentation, people attending will get to experience techniques like mindfulness and meditation, and to learn more about new research that validates and informs this approach. They will also learn how the mind can be used to build good health and a deep sense of inner contentment; as well as assisting in profound healing for those who are in need.

"It is a delight to be coming to Katoomba and to be able to share the experiences and the knowledge gathered over so many years working with so many people," Dr Gawler said.

The day will be a gentle blend of theory and experience, with Dr Gawler sharing recent research in this field and stories gathered over 30 years, plus providing time for questions and discussion as well as introducing and guiding relaxation, mindfulness and meditation sessions.

For bookings email or call 4782 4866.


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