George Perris to perform in Sydney

Crooner George Perris has been dubbed the European Michael Bubble by fans. 

Although he takes the nickname as a compliment, he says he is a very different singer. 

‘‘I don’t really like it,’’ he said. 

‘‘He is a wonderful singer and I think every singer when they are starting out is likened to an established person, like Celine Dion was the new Barbra Streisand.

‘‘Everyone has their own personality.’’

Perris released his first-ever English album, Picture This, in August.  

He has previously released three albums in Greek and one album in French.

Perris said it was only natural to release an album in English. 

‘‘I’m trilingual,’’ he said.  

‘‘I’ve been surrounded by languages at home. 

‘‘I spoke english very early — from the age of four.

‘‘The most evident thing, was out of my country, English was the most universal language.’’ 

Perris was born in Athens to a Greek father and a French mother.

He is fluent in Greek, French, English and can even speak a bit of Italian.  

He owes his language skills to his mother who is a linguistic’s teacher. 

‘‘I would have to speak French to my mother and Greek to my father,’’ he said. 

‘‘My mother would get upset with me if I spoke to her in Greek.’’ 

Picture This includes 14 tracks. 

Perris said the basic concept of the album was ‘‘love’’. 

‘‘It’s not about the type of love a man has for a woman. It’s love in all shapes and forms,’’ he said.  

‘‘I think love is the one thing that connects us as human beings. 

‘‘Makes us better people and better in our lives.’’

Perris will also be making his Australian debut, as a special guest alongside Tina Arena on her Australian tour.

He will perform at the Star Event Centre on September 11 and September 12.

This story George Perris to perform in Sydney first appeared on Penrith City Gazette.