Rylstone rail not just a one-hit-wonder?

​A special train to the Rylstone Show in March and the opening of the line to Rylstone may be considered a one off event for the moment. But both the Lithgow State Mine Railway and the Kandos Museum will be working with the relevant government departments to ensure it won’t be just a one hit wonder.

Both organisations are keen to develop a regular tourist service to the area from Lithgow.

There was a great crowd waiting at Rylstone to meet the railcars as they rolled into the station where a small ceremony took place to mark the occasion of the first passenger train back to Rylstone in more than 10 years.

A number of dignitaries were on hand to jointly cut a red ribbon prior to the train pulling fully into the Rylstone platform to allow the passengers from near and far a chance to visit a country show.

Three shuttle runs were also operated between Rylstone and Kandos during the afternoon for the locals to experience the ride.

The shuttle runs were all very well patronised. The Minister for Local Government and Member for Bathurst Paul Toole was on hand, together with David Ginn, the area manager for John Holland, Rob Mason, the CEO of Transport NSW TrainLink, Buzz Sanderson, chairman of the Kandos Museum and Michael Wilson, chairman of the Lithgow State Mine Railway.

The Rylstone Rambler Show Special on February 27 was sold out, with travellers coming from as far away as Toowoomba in Queensland to take a ride on the beautifully restored 1950s Railmotor.

Organisers are heading back to Kandos for the Kandos Garden Fair on Saturday April 2.

The Rylstone Rambler sold out very early and generated a lot of interest along the way as it passed through the magnificent Capertee Valley and headed towards Kandos and Rylstone.

“You know the Rambler is not just for train buffs.” said Buzz Sanderson, president of Kandos Museum. “The Kandos Garden Fair is going to be a great event with personalities like Fiona Olgivie from The Land, wild food expert Diego Bonetto and Costa Georgiadis for Gardening Australia in and around the gardens.”

Starting at Lithgow Station the tour takes you through the spectacular Capertee Valley and on to the Kandos Gardens Fair. Your tour ticket includes gardens entry, courtesy bus, your picnic lunch at the museum and museum entry.

“The Kandos Gardens Fair Tour combines both a great journey with a fantastic destination,” said Buzz Sanderson, “What a great way to have a really enjoyable day out.”

Details and bookings are available through the Kandos Museum website:kandosmuseum.org.au kandosmuseum.org.au or phone 02-6379-4600..

The Rylstone Rambler

The Rylstone Rambler

The Rylstone Rambler

The Rylstone Rambler