MISSING PERSONS WEEK 2016: Meet the people who vanished

For every missing person, there is a family and community left behind.

Sunday, July 31, marks the start of National Missing Persons Week. It is an annual campaign to raise awareness of the issues and impacts surrounding missing persons.

This year’s campaign, which runs until Saturday August 6, is urging people to stay connected and to remember that every missing person leaves behind frayed edges.

“For parents, family and friends, not knowing what has happened to a loved one has a profound impact,” AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin said.

“Those questions—where are they, are they safe, do they need me—can remain unanswered for weeks, months and, sadly years.”

The 2016 campaign reminds people of the importance of staying connected with family and friends and to ultimately enhance personal and communal support networks that assist those most at risk of going missing.

Meet the people missing in NSW in the photo gallery above. Read their stories, memorise their faces and if you have any information about a missing person contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

You can view profiles of missing persons on the national register at missingpersons.gov.au.

Did you know?

It is common for people think they need to wait 24 hours, 48 hours, or longer before they can make a missing persons report to police, but this is not true.

In Australia, a missing person is defined as anyone whose whereabouts are unknown and there are immediate concerns for their safety and welfare.