Stop sign a safer start for Kindlehill

Kindlehill School parents and staff have welcomed a decision by council to replace a give way sign with a stop sign at the intersection of Sinclair Crescent and Blaxland Road, Wentworth Falls.

Council approved the new stop sign at its last meeting to help make it safer for young children walking from the station to the local independent school in nearby Lake Street. 

A council report on the matter noted that the intersection “can be challenging”.

“Verbal consultation has been undertaken with representatives of the Kindlehill School as part of the review of this matter and the proposal is supported,” the report said.

The busy intersection.

The busy intersection.

Cr Chris Van der Kley thanked council staff. “This is a reasonably good outcome for a tricky situation. This hasn’t been an easy issue.”

Cr Romola Hollywood (pictured) has been involved in negotiations to get the RMS to reconsider its decision to reject a 40km/h school zone for the area.

The RMS said no but Cr Hollywood said the stop sign was a good alternative and added there were more improvements on the way.

“After consultation with the representatives from Kindlehill School ... council has agreed to realign the kerb and gutter on the northern side of the intersection. 

Council has agreed to realign the kerb and gutter.

Cr Romola Hollywood

“This work will extend the footpath out slightly to improve sightlines for pedestrians looking right down Sinclair Crescent,” she said.

“Currently, pedestrians, including school children, heading south into the village can find they have to stand on the edge of the road ... to assess if and when it is safe to cross. I understand that these safety improvements will be completed by the end of the year, which is great for our community.”

Kindlehill principal, Lynn Daniel, welcomed the news.

“My concern was about the sighting with the kerb and guttering so I’m very pleased to hear they are going to pursue that as well. That will make it a lot better.”