Carola Rivera's art display at Norman Lindsay Gallery cafe

A new exhibition of artwork by Carola Rivera will be on display from March 21 at Lindsay’s Café.

The exhibition titled ‘Breaking the Silence’ features birds as the subject matter with beautifully decorative imagined garden backdrops.

Rivera says, “having lived in the Blue Mountains for the past 15 years, I am forever delighted by the sounds and sights of the rich and abundant bird life”.

“I see them often, but they still retain a sense of awe and wonder about them. They almost have a magical presence.”

Carola Rivera grew up in the multi-faceted city of New York, where early on she developed her love of art and the natural world.

The summers she spent in upstate New York were fragrant and green, and alive with small animals and birds. The winters were long and cold and many hours were spent indoors. From a young age she spent many hours exploring the Museum of Natural History and the other wonderful art museums throughout the city.

Rivera attended various art schools and took classes in a wide variety of mediums; her main development being drawing, print-making and painting.

Rivera works can be seen until April 30 in Lindsay’s Café in the grounds of the Norman Lindsay Gallery at Faulconbridge. Details to 4751 1067.