Linden wants 40 km/zone

Linden residents have been campaigning for a 40km/zone since before 2011 and despite repeated refusals from the Roads and Maritime Services they are not about to stop now.

Linden residents share their local roads – complete with dips, blind spots and no footpaths –  with cars driving 50km/hr. But the Linden Citizens Association has identified a precedent for a 40km/hr zone at the slip road at Warrimoo shops which they argue is a residential area with low pedestrian activity just like theirs.

Council has backed their plea and is again calling on the Roads and Maritime Services to review its guidelines on the zones. All residential zones are 50km/hr.

Council has proposed that the windy and narrow Glossop Road in Linden and surrounding roads be used as a pilot/trial area for such an RMS trial. Council will write to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight (RMS) Melinda Pavey and State MP for the Blue Mountains Trish Doyle seeking their support for a review of the RMS criteria for 40km speed zones.

Cr Chris Van der Kley raised the matter and it was carried unanimously.

“I totally agree with the Linden Citizens Association, some of these residential areas should be 40km zones,” Cr Chris Van der Kley said. “The LCA did a whole lot of work on it and we should give them the privilege of putting it to the RMS,” he told the Gazette.