Helicopters take to skies for Endeavour Energy

Endeavour Energy is taking to the skies in the Lower Mountains and Penrith region over the coming month (July) to start its annual safety inspections to help manage the risk of bushfires around its network this coming summer.

“Residents can expect to see helicopters inspecting power lines over the coming months as part of our annual bushfire safety program,” Endeavour Energy’s General Manager Network Services Scott Ryan said.

“Around this time every year we start to inspect our network in areas prone to bushfires to repair damaged equipment and keep trees a safe distance away from powerlines.”

Mr Ryan said helicopters were the safest and most efficient way to inspect powerlines spread across the 24,800 square kilometres serviced by Endeavour Energy’s network.

“The bird's eye view from a helicopter helps identify potential problems not visible from the ground to keep our network in the best possible shape for the rigors of summer.

“Flying also allows us to inspect areas inaccessible to ground patrols so we can complete a more thorough inspection in the areas of greatest risk from bushfires.”

Mr Ryan said farmers, animal breeders and other customers potentially affected by the noise of the helicopter can receive advance notice of aerial surveys in their area.

“Anyone that would like to be notified prior to the patrol in their area can contact us on 133 718.

“We have a comprehensive data base of customers collated over the last seven years who will again be contacted ahead of patrols this year.”

Mr Ryan said Endeavour Energy inspected all powerlines up to each customer’s switchboard.

“Property owners in rural areas should note their responsibility for the safety and maintenance of the poles, wires and other electrical infrastructure beyond their main switchboard.”

Mr Ryan said Endeavour Energy appreciated the patience of the community while the surveys were being flown in the area. 

“Managing the risk of bushfires is an important part of keeping the customers and communities we serve safe.”

For more details visit www.endeavourenergy.com.au.