Blue Love on at The Joan

From award-winning choreographer and dancer Shaun Parker (So You Think You Can Dance, Moulin Rouge) comes Blue Love, a quirky and very funny fusion of dance, film, music and comedy.

Artistic Director Shaun Parker takes to the stage to perform the role of Glenn Flune, alongside the hysterical and dynamic Lucia Mastrantone as Rhonda Flune in Blue Love - a fantastic place where TV soap meets art-house film.

The Flunes invite you to join them on a surprising expedition in search of the perfect relationship, as they draw on popular works of art across theatre, music and film, parodying the lip-service given to love, romance, coupledom and suburbia.

Blue Love is quirky, character-based theatre complete with a fat dose of funny!

“So much fun it can’t possibly be good for you!” Sydney Morning Herald

“Blue Love both celebrates and mocks popular culture and with the telling of the ups and downs of love and romance within this context, the clichés are inevitable. Rather than attempting to avoid them, Parker has used these to great effect.” Australian Stage Online

Blue Love will be performed at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre on August 19 at 7.30pm. Tickets at