Toll on M4 from tomorrow

NSW Labor has revealed the cost of the M4 toll has already skyrocketed since the Berejiklian Government announced motorists would again be slugged for a road - which was already paid for.

With motorists due to fork out another $2,000 a year to use the M4 from tomorrow, documents buried on the RMS website show the price has already jumped by 21 per cent.

In 2012, the NSW Government announced that a reintroduced M4 toll would be $3.75. In fact, it will commence at $4.56. 

Opposition Leader Luke Foley said: “This is nothing less than a tax on western Sydney motorists that will see regular road users paying an additional $2,000 a year in tolls.

“This is life under the Liberals – it’s always the people who can least afford it who are hit the hardest.

“Sydneysiders have already paid for this road - that’s why Labor lifted the tolls seven years ago.”