Katoomba High “guinea pigs" reunion

The first cohort of Mountains students to sit for the HSC in 1967 were dubbed “guinea pigs” by the then principal of Katoomba High School, Bill Magill.

Mr Magill presented each student with a badge stating that at the end of the year ceremony.

It will be 50 years since those guinea pigs finished their HSC come November this year.

A reunion is planned for November 25 for all those who were part of that first group of students to study under the Wyndham scheme from 1962-1967.

Students to attend Katoomba High School came from Valley Heights to Mt Victoria as Katoomba was the only public high school on the Mountains at that time.

“Two of our teachers (Betty Price and Derek Long) are able to attend and are looking forward to catching up with everyone,” former student Wendy Bugeja told the Gazette.

“It is a milestone not only in our lives but in the history of education in NSW,” Mrs Bugeta said.

“The old leaving certificate had served the state well for many years but the new Wyndham Scheme was revolutionary at the time. It has been expanded to many more subjects and other changes now, but we were the first to study under it.”

Mrs Bugeta hopes the reunion will be a chance for many old Mountains families to catch up.

“If you, or someone you know, were part of this group we would love to see you again,” she added.

Bookings for Saturday night’s formal occasion and dinner are essential. Partners are welcome. There are other activities planned for the weekend as well.

For more information contact Paul Horne at paulhorne@internode.on.net or 0448 652050 or Wendy Bugeja (nee Masters) wendybugeja@y7mail.com or 0405 846075.