Trinitones from Dublin in Blue Mountains

It was a whistle stop tour of the region – literally.

A popular Dublin all male singing group visited the Mountains this week [Tuesday September 12] taking unsuspecting visitors at a local cafe and lookout by surprise by their impromptu performances.

Danny Boy was the number chosen by the Trinitones, pioneers of popular a cappella performance in Ireland, when they sang at Altitude Cafe in Blackheath.

They followed it up later with a performance in the early evening at Lincoln Rock in Wentworth Falls.

The group, formed in 2012, is made up of Trinity College students and graduates. They are now on their way to perform at the Athenaeum in Melbourne, having already performed in Sydney.

The group received a lot of social media attention when they released a cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ in 2013, which even captured praise of Wheatus themselves. 

Blackheath resident Anne McLeod told the Gazette their performances at Altitude Cafe, and later at the lookout, were brilliant – almost “too good to be true”.

“I had heard them on ABC radio and (with some cajoling) they spontaneously began serenading us with a beautiful rendition of Danny Boy,” she said.

Neil Dunne, the group’s artistic director, said they chose to visit the Mountains as one of the group is from Australia and recommended it.

“We wanted to get away and chill out, so it was the natural choice,” Mr Dunne said. 

“The performances were all impromptu. We went in to the cafe to get some food and a coffee (sore heads after the night before). Much to our surprise, we were recognised from our performance on ABC.

“This is something that rarely happens, so decided the nice thing to do was to perform for Anne. We performed that song as it was our last day with one of our members, so we wanted to give him a chance to sing as much as possible.”