Labor MP takes out second taxpayer-funded attack ad on the ABC

Federal MP Michael Danby has ramped up his campaign against Walkley-award winning journalist Sophie McNeill by taking out a second taxpayer-funded ad attacking the ABC's coverage of Israel and Palestine.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is said to be "deeply unimpressed" with Mr Danby's campaign against Ms McNeill and confronted him about it on Wednesday. Mr Shorten instructed Mr Danby to pull the second ad but was told it had already gone to the printers.

On Wednesday, the Labor backbencher admitted to Fairfax Media he had charged taxpayers for the first advertisement in Australian Jewish News that claimed the national broadcaster's Jerusalem correspondent had "double standards".

A second advertisement critical of McNeill appeared in Thursday's edition of Australian Jewish News. The half-page ad slams McNeill's 7.30 reports.

"Arab squatters have segment on 7.30 from Sophie McNeill, but momentous meeting of Egyptian President Sisi and Israeli PM Netanyahu not mentioned by Sophie McNeill or the ABC!" the ad reads. "Wonder why Australians have a distorted understanding of that part of the world?"

When contacted by Fairfax Media on Wednesday, Danby said he only used a "small amount" from his electoral allowances to pay for it. He also said the ad was "discounted".

"We have advertised far more extensively over the past year on penalty rates, marriage equality, the NBN, unfair federal infrastructure spending allocation to Victoria, human rights and apportion our expenditure to cover all interests in Melbourne Ports," he said. "All advertising from my office meets parliamentary guidelines."

The ABC and Mr Danby have been contacted for comment.

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