French tourist films himself atop of Bali volcano

A Frenchman has earned the ire of Indonesian authorities by filming himself perched on the edge of the crater of Bali's active volcano Mount Agung.

Karl Kaddouri, who lives in Bali, posted a video to social media of himself standing on the edge of the smoking crater on Thursday morning, saying it was a way of getting out of his "comfort zone".

The National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) has set a 12km exclusion zone around the volcano, warning it could erupt at any time.

BNPB head Willem Rampangilei said more than 140,000 people and about 10,000 farm animals have been evacuated from nine districts around Mount Agung.

BNPB has warned the community about the danger of Mount Agung erupting by distributing leaflets, disaster-prone maps and disaster comic books to children at refugee sites.

In a written post accompanying his video, shared on Facebook and attracting more than 120,000 views, Mr Kaddouri notes there have been 100 daily tremors last week and 500 in recent days, indicating "an imminent outbreak".

The 3031-metre high Mount Agung, the highest point on Bali, became active in September.

It last erupted in 1963, killing up to 1500 people in one of Indonesia's most devastating disasters.

An emergency alert for the volcano has been extended October 15.

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