McDonald's wants to go 24/7 in Blaxland

McDonald’s at Blaxland is hoping to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The fast-food company has put in a DA to council, seeking to extend its current 6am-11pm trading hours.

McDonald's at Blaxland: Wants to open 24/7

McDonald's at Blaxland: Wants to open 24/7

The restaurant, on the corner of the Great Western Highway, is surrounded by residential housing in Layton Avenue.

A noise assessment concluded there were “no noise-related issues that would prevent council approving the proposed project”.

McDonald’s also argues that the 7-Eleven next door operates all night.

The management plan included with the DA said the company would chain off parts of the carpark at night to reduce the potential for “inappropriate activities” and it would put up signs asking customers to leave quietly.

The area is monitored by CCTV, which would operate 24/7 if the DA is approved.

The plans have been welcomed by local councillor Brendan Christie and also by the executive of the Blaxland Chamber of Commerce for their potential in creating jobs in the area.

Cr Christie said: "I think it's great that this DA has been put forward. Youth unemployment is a massive issue across the Blue Mountains and McDonald’s is one of the biggest job providers for young people.

"We need to work together when these opportunities come about. Council is already working on traffic safety on Layton Avenue and I don't think that if the DA was approved that there'd be queues for nuggets at 3am either."

The chamber executive (not all chamber members) agreed that the 24-hour operation of the 7-Eleven had set a precedent.

“Increasing the operating hours would create more opportunity for local youth/adult jobs in the area. It would also assist with security at the precinct as more people may be about in early hours and they wouldn’t be so isolated.

“From a tourist and driver reviver point of view we believe this would be a good stopping point, as this is the last opportunity for hot food (expect for perhaps a service station pie) before linking onto M4/M7/M5 motorways. If travellers have come from Lithgow/Blackheath this would be a welcome opportunity to stop.”

The chamber suggested that traffic issues at Layton Avenue should be addressed, regardless of the DA.

This was also raised by many Gazette readers on Facebook, where reaction was fairly evenly for and against the proposal.