New Scenic Skyway opens doors in the Blue Mountains

Scenic World staff member Peter Schefe, from Blackheath, guides people on a ride in the new Skyway.
Scenic World staff member Peter Schefe, from Blackheath, guides people on a ride in the new Skyway.

The new Scenic Skyway opened its doors on Monday, November 13 in a $3 million dollar upgrade.

Marking the next phase of the Scenic Skyway’s evolution ahead of the ride’s 60th anniversary in 2018, the upgraded cabin features an additional 30 per cent capacity to provide a more spacious visitor experience and improve queuing times during peak periods. 

The re-configured cabin also allows for streamlined loading and unloading, and free Wi-Fi has been installed in response to feedback from international guests.

Scenic World’s managing director Anthea Hammon said the Skyway upgrade followed a period of continued growth for Scenic World on the back of a series of recent investments.

“The appetite for authentic tourism experiences continues to grow, but we recognise the need to move forward with new ideas and infrastructure that appeals to visitors from across the globe and retains our leading position in a competitive market,” she said. 

Scenic World has invested over $30 million in infrastructure over the past five years, including an overhaul of the iconic Scenic Railway and a range of site improvements such as new ticketing and groups booking systems, site recycling, and organic waste management systems. 

As the Blue Mountains tourism industry continues to grow, with a 9.3 per cent increase in overnight stays over the past 12 months, Ms Hammon said further projected growth highlighted the need for tourism businesses to be on the front foot.

“The natural beauty of the Blue Mountains is the envy of the world, but delivering sustainable tourism experiences and exceptional customer service that goes beyond visitors’ expectations is what brings them back,” she said, adding that Scenic World's visitation has increased by 25 per cent over the past three years.

“Investing in new infrastructure today will help to drive our visitor economy tomorrow and position the Blue Mountains as a must see destination for travellers from near and far.”

Originally built in 1958 by Scenic World founder Harry Hammon, the Scenic Skyway has seen a number of upgrades since its first inception as a bright pink plywood cabin. The cabin was changed to its signature yellow colour before a new cabin and cable system was installed in 2004.

The latest cabin looks much the same as its predecessor but has been lengthened to boost capacity from 65 to 84 passengers.