Have a browse and a glass of wine at Civic Place on December 1

Celebrate on Friday: Meredith Rowe and Kelly Heylen in Civic Place, Katoomba
Celebrate on Friday: Meredith Rowe and Kelly Heylen in Civic Place, Katoomba

Two of Katoomba’s newest retail spaces have teamed up to have some fun and take the stress out of this year’s Christmas shopping.

Platform Gallery and Odd Mountain are activating Civic Place with late night shopping, music and festivities from 5pm on Friday, December 1.

“As neighbours and newcomers to retail, we decided to pool our efforts to create a welcoming, fun and stress-free late night shopping experience in the heart of Katoomba Street,” said Meredith Rowe, owner of Odd Mountain. “Christmas can be a stressful time, so we wanted to create something fun and low-key, away from the traffic and crowds.”

Owner of Platform Gallery, Kelly Heylen, said “our shops opened a week apart back in May, and since then we have been looking for ways to collaborate. After these shops sat empty for so many years, it’s exciting to be part of the activation and renewal of both Civic Place, and Katoomba in general.

“Between us we offer some of the most unique Christmas gifts in the Blue Mountains, and when you add music, decorations and refreshments on top of that, we think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.”

Odd Mountain specialises in oddities, curios, antiques, gifts, jewellery and the bizarre, while Platform Gallery has handmade clothes, jewellery and homewares from makers and designers in the Blue Mountains and across Australia. 

“We encourage everyone to come along, have a glass of wine and a browse, and reconnect with the local, personal shopping experience that has been missing for so long,” said Ms Heylen.