Artist Adnate adds new mural to Katoomba Street Art Walk

Internationally renowned Melbourne artist Adnate will paint a giant mural in Katoomba in December.

Covering more than 200 square metres, the new work will replace the existing ‘rainbow frog’ mural on the award-winning Katoomba Street Art Walk in Beverly Place

Adnate will start painting the portrait mural on Friday, December 8 and will finish on December 12.

Local residents will get the chance to hear the artist talk about his process on Sunday, December 10 when Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) holds a tour of the Street Art Walk from 2-3pm.

He will be staying in Katoomba at the Carrington Hotel, courtesy of the hotel owners, during his visit.

SAMA founder Jarrod Wheatley said the walk was always intended to be a “dynamic and living space and part of that is recycling artworks”.

“We feel what Matt will be able to contribute to the space is international quality street art. He’s one of Australia’s finest, not only in the graffiti community but also in the fine arts community,” he said.

“His content will speak strongly to local young people too and that’s an important voice to have in the community.”

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre director Paul Brinkman said the Street Art Walk had become a “must-see attraction for Katoomba”.

“We at the cultural centre are really excited to be partnering with Street Art Murals Australia to bring one of Australia’s best known spray muralists to the Mountains,” he said.

“Adnate’s powerful hyper-realistic artwork will be painted on one of the feature walls and is sure to transform the Street Art Walk once again, bringing renewed attention to this great outdoor gallery.”

Opened in June 2015, the Katoomba Street Art Walk transformed the urban alley into one of the biggest open-air galleries in Australia with 40 massive murals from local and international street artists.