Your summer staycation: How to relax without travelling too far

WITH the new year upon us you may find yourself daydreaming of jet setting overseas for your next getaway.

Whether that be bathing in the sunshine in Positano with an Aperol Spritz in hand, discovering hidden treasures in a bustling souq in Istanbul or trekking through the mountains of Nepal watching the sunset melt on the horizon.

Whatever your holiday style, generally the aim of the game is to unwind and return to work refreshed and full of life.

Whilst the allure of stepping off a plane in another country is certainly enticing you cannot deny this comes at a price; jetlag, stress and normally a hefty bill depending on your taste of course.

Once you're in full planning mode romanticising of your holiday destination you tend to forget these little things that can sometimes take the chill out of your much needed break.

So why not rest your feet on home soil this coming break. All you need are a few key items to help you relax without travelling too far that can save your body, mind and the bank from all that unnecessary stress.   

Kamado Char-Griller, $799. Still hungry? Roast, bake and grill your way into a food coma. Available at Bunnings.

A Thoroughly Unhelpful History of Australian Sport by Titus O’Reily, $34.99. Lose yourself these holidays in a fun read or engrossing novel.

Fortis golf set with bag and titanium driver, $199. A hit of golf is a great way to enjoy some fresh air and stretch your legs.

Rainbow hanging chair, $2156. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, there’s no better place to hang out if you’re staying at home.

Watermelon drink dispenser party kit, $36.95. If your friends or neighbours are also enjoying a staycation, why not invite them over and enjoy a cool bevy together.

Concentrated Micropeel, $125. Pamper at home if you don’t have time to get to the salon for a facial or microdermabrasion, or simply want to stay put.

20th Century Fox Ultimate Musical Collection, $43.98. Watching a DVD boxset is the ideal idea to while away the holidays. This collection includes The Sound Of Music, South Pacific and West Side Story. Available at JB Hi-Fi.

Door Stop, $16. Declare your staycation status to the household, while keeping your door open in style.

Tropical print robe, $119.95. Find yourself something chic to wear and you mightn’t get dressed for days.

Minikin lanterns, $34.95. Place them on the deck or by your bath to create a resort-like atmosphere.

Victoria + Albert Tombolo rack, $545. Why not Indulge in a soak with added sophistication? This has two integrated spaces for wine glasses and a space to hold your towel.

Seahaven organic sea scrub, $39.95. Any staycation has to involve DIY pampering of some kind.

String Of Pearls in concrete pot, $24. Surround yourself with greenery and your home will feel more tranquil and a place of refuge.

Liar sunglasses, $50. Don a pair of fashionable frames and you’re more likely to feel like you’re in an exotic destination, and not your backyard.