Unique look at church abuse through art

Antidepressant Mary

Antidepressant Mary

Wentworth Falls artist Adam James K has responded to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in a new exhibition opening at Platform Gallery in Katoomba on February 9.

In Public Stoning of a Paedophile Priest, K uses painting, drawing, mixed-media, sculpture, video and performance, to create a conversation about the pain of the abused and the lack of remorse displayed by the abusers within the church.

“My inspiration came from the abuse that was inflicted on children by priests and then covered up by the church,” said K. “I was inspired to do something and I wanted to make sure that society does not forget the pain that has been inflicted on these children, and the pain that never leaves them.”

K has created more than 300 artworks, inspired by his listening to testimony and working with survivors to hear their stories.

“In some of my works, I’ve used elements from the church, such as gold and glitter, to surround the images of pain, to highlight the hypocrisies of the institution.”  

Kelly Heylen, curator of Platform Gallery, said: “The Royal Commission was necessarily about the abusers and those who covered up the abuse, but the question remains – what about the children? What Adam has done is fill this gap by focusing on the victims’ pain and the lifelong consequences they have suffered.

“I opened Platform Gallery less than a year ago, and already we have a reputation for showing work that promotes progressive social and environmental agendas, of which I am immensely proud.”

Public Stoning of a Paedophile Priest at Platform Gallery in Civic Place, Katoomba February 9-March 4. Opening night from 5.30pm on February 9.