More fabulous artwork in Sculpture at Scenic World

Blackheath designers Hannah and Mark Surtees have been awarded first prize at this year’s Sculpture at Scenic World.

Geronimo! – nine metres of light-filled rope descending from the canopy – evokes thoughts of childhood swings.

Mark Surtees described it as a “celebration of being free and fearless”.

The judge’s complimented its “elegant simplicity and thoughtful responsiveness to the environment”.

Accepting the $20,000 prize, Mark said: “As designers we’re often limited by function and purpose, but there are no boundaries as artists which is liberating... The sense of freedom and expression is intoxicating.”

This year’s exhibition is as varied as ever, from the sombre Blind by Andrew Townsend and Suzie Bleach, a blindfolded horse, to Kayo Yokohama’s colourful Up!, her hand-blown glass creations resembling balloons in a work which references Up, the animated movie in which a house tied with balloons flies to South America.

Recycled materials are everywhere. Nick Warfield used old bumper bars to construct Calling upon the Owl, Barbara Hamilton created Casuarina Dreaming, several glossy black cockatoors made from old umbrellas, while Nicole de Mestre used old fans for What lies beneath.

The exhibition is on until May 13.