Sensory Concerts event at Glenbrook | Photos

People with sensory issues that usually prevent them attending live music concerts had the chance to enjoy a special small and relaxing event in Glenbrook tailored especially to their needs.

Brought to life by Bullaburra concert pianist Grace Kim, flautist Lisa Osmialowski and violinist Erica Kennedy, the event at Lower Mountains Anglican parish in Glenbrook, on Monday April 23 even featured an on-site occupational therapist and psychologist for those who needed extra help on the day.

Part of the Sensory Concerts series, it was designed for all ages, especially families with sensory or special needs such as autism spectrum disorder, physical or intellectual disabilities who experience feelings of being overwhelmed by crowds, noise, light, smell and touch.

One of the performers Grace Kim knows first hand the benefits of music to health and wellbeing, and strives to make it accessible to everyone who needs it.

A mother of two young children, one with Asperger’s syndrome, Ms Kim said: “Young children are especially sensitive to their surroundings and tend to react in certain ways like moving or making noise, to cope.

“That’s why families with children tend to shy away from traditional concerts for fear of disrupting others. But we all know that music is one of the best things for the brain development, and these families miss out on the crucial time when their brain are developing.’’

The event was subsidised through a Blue Mountains City of the Arts grant.