Online seminar to help Blue Mountains businesses reach the world

International trade expert Cynthia Dearin will speak at an International Business Accelerator (IBA) online seminar on Wednesday, May 16.

Cynthia Dearin

Cynthia Dearin

Presented in collaboration with Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise (BMEE), the webinar will be start at noon.

“This is a great opportunity for Blue Mountains Businesses who are serious about growth to have a global perspective and consider their potential markets,” said BMEE CEO, Bernie Fehon.

According to Ms Dearin, most small companies don’t explore the global opportunities for a variety of reasons.

“Many small businesses are so focused on surviving in their local market that they never take the time to educate themselves on the huge opportunities that they could be accessing – for many, 95 per cent of the people they could sell to are located somewhere outside their home country,” she said.

“Others recognise the opportunities on offer but are stumped by ‘the tyranny of how’. They don't have the expertise, time or resources to figure out how to expand internationally and so the project ends up in the ‘too hard basket’.”

Seeing how passionate Ms Dearin was about giving small companies the chance to be internationally successful prompted Mr Fehon to arrange for the event to be made available for Blue Mountains businesses.

“For $69 and investing two hours, this is an excellent chance to learn from a true expert.  If you are serious about your business, book in now,” he said.

There is a maximum of 20 people to the session. For bookings visit: