Raising your child in a digital world: Dr Kristy Goodwin comes to Blaxland

Dr Kristy Goodwin

Dr Kristy Goodwin

There is little more anxiety-inducing for parents today than the considerations around screentime.

It is a new world, and most parents today would not –  in their own childhood – have had to interact with the sheer variety of modes of technology around currently. As a consequence, there are no models for what they should do in relation to technology from their own parents.

Also, the science is developing all the time – it can be hard to keep up with the latest recommendations; add some guilt, and shame in to the mix for not following the guidelines and you have a recipe for a stressed out and confused parent.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be interested in the upcoming Think BIG! community forum presented by the Lower Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (LMNC), which is around children and screen time.

Dr Kristy Goodwin, author of Raising your child in a digital world will be sharing her advice based on latest research and her experience as a mother. She has featured on numerous TV and radio programs, written guest blogs and given presentations to audiences internationally and within Australia.

Christopher Smith, Community Development Officer at LMNC, said: “This is a golden opportunity to hear a genuine world leading expert speaking about an issue that affects all parents and professionals working with families (educators and health professionals). Kristy is on a mission to disseminate the facts and dismantle the fears about young children's use of technology, and it is fantastic that she is coming to Blaxland to share her insights and research.”

Dr Kristy will be speaking on Saturday, May 26 from 2-4pm, Blaxland Community Centre. Cost $10 (includes afternoon tea). This forum is designed for parents and educators of pre-schoolers and primary school students. For more information, call LMNC on 4739 1164, or go to the website www.lmnc.org.au.

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