Photographic exhibition at Braemar Gallery in Springwood

Serene reflections

Serene reflections

Serene Reflections is Leonarda Kovacic’s 16th solo exhibition, featuring photographs of reflected images of nature as well as architecture, taken in Europe and Australia.

Drawing upon the Serene Reflection Meditation of the Soto School of Japanese Buddhism, the exhibition explores the theme of reflection, characterised by stillness, serenity, and simply being. The images show how reflections change from moment to moment, highlighting the motif of impermanence and transience. The mirroring images point to our true mind as a mirror-like mind and to a playfulness of the Universe as the process that creates a caleidoscope effect of various shapes and colours.

The exhibition explores how a small ripple can cause a wave: a larger-than-life effect, both concretely and metaphorically.

Kovacic is a photographic artist, historian, lecturer and curator based in Katoomba. She specialises in landscapes, nature scenes, flora and fauna, abstracts and architecture. Her images have accentuated poeticism and meditative simplicity and clarity. She has exhibited in Croatia and Australia since 1998.

Serene Reflections opens at Braemar Gallery, 104 Macquarie Rd, Springwood, on Saturday, July 21, 3-5pm, with a shakuhachi performance by Bronwyn Kirkpatrick. Open from July 19 to August 12, free.