American actor and Springwood artist connect over painting

She known for her roles in Ocean’s 13 and Sea of Love and now American actor Ellen Barkin is ‘corresponding’ with Springwood artist Trudie Ann Moore.

The actor donated a pair of her jeans to charity, complete with signature, and Ms Moore decided to produce an artwork based around Ms Barkin’s jeans.

The painting "Sea Of Love" tips the scales at 7kg and will be put up for auction for $1500 at an AIDS Council of NSW fundraising ball in September.

Ms Moore tweeted to Ms Barkin that she’d created a piece of art around her jeans, and was thrilled when she got a response.

“This is amazing! (it would look great in my bedroom) who gets the jeans? maybe i can add something to them. what was the charity for?” Ms Barkin wrote.

“It was a great honour for me to be given the opportunity to produce an artwork based around Ms Barkin’s jeans,” Ms Moore, an encaustic (beeswax) and mixed media artist, said.

“I admire her as a very strong woman who has survived a lot.” 

Ms Moore has painted in oils and acrylics over the years, then in 2006 she was introduced to encaustic art, and a great love affair using coloured beeswax as a medium, began. She taught herself to paint with wax on canvas.