Large Air Tanker "Boomer" arrives at Richmond RAAF Base

Boomer flying over Richmond. Picture: Geoff Jones
Boomer flying over Richmond. Picture: Geoff Jones

NSW Rural Fire Service welcomed the Large Air Tanker “Boomer” on Friday as part of the fire fighting arsenal for the coming bush fire season.

Emergency Services Minister Troy Grant, NSW  Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and NSW Fire and Rescue Acting Commissioner Malcolm Connellan were on hand to oversee final testing in Richmond.

The RJ-85 aircraft will be based in NSW, and will be one of four LAT’s that will be used for the bush fire season.

This year’s season was officially brought forward.

The RJ-85 is capable of dumping more than 11,300 litres of water or retardent at a time.

Commisioner Fitzsimmons said “Boomer’” would be one of more than 100 tactical firefighting aircraft in use throughout the NSW fire season.