Tango classes in Katoomba

Katoomba classes: Australian tango champion Federico Mattiuzzi teaching.
Katoomba classes: Australian tango champion Federico Mattiuzzi teaching.

There’s never been a better time to join the growing Blue Mountains Tango community and with our special introductory offer there’s no excuse to delay. 

Tango Blue Mountains are running beginners and intermediate classes in Katoomba. Classes are informal, friendly and fun and our Sydney-based teachers love coming to teach here.

For new students starting any time before the end of October, we’re offering the first four classes for just $80.

Australian stage tango champion Federico Mattiuzzi teaches on Tuesday nights at Junction 142.

In the words of one student, "fancy the Blue Mountains having an Australian tango champion come to teach us Argentinian tango - it’s bloody marvellous”.

Mattiuzzi has studied with some of the best tango masters in Buenos Aires and has choreographed tangos for the Dancing With The Stars TV show.

Argentinian-born Santiago, who takes classes on Thursday evenings at St Hilda’s Hall in Katoomba, has tango in his veins. He was performing and teaching by the age of 14. Santi approaches tango from a unique perspective, using energy, relational dynamics, biomechanics, musicality and connection.

Tango is an improvised dance quite unlike any other. It is accessible to all ages and fitness levels - if you can walk you can tango.

Tango improves general fitness, mobility, strength and balance but the benefits go way beyond the physical. It’s well documented that learning to dance in a social setting is one of the best ways to preserve and enhance mental ability.

But beyond that, tango is very much a practice of mindfulness that can become a moving meditation. Anyone with experience of yoga or martial arts will soon see the connection. But be warned - regular practice may lead to euphoria and addiction to tango.

The special offer ($80 for four classes) is for beginners who start before the end of this month. No need to bring a partner.

Details can be found at the Tango Blue Mountains website (tangobluemountains.org) or Facebook page. You can also get in touch by email tangobluemountains@gmail.com or phone 0403 858 851.