Trucks replace plastic and water is saved

A convoy of local trucks saved tens of thousands of litres of water at the recent Leura Village Fair.

In the previous two years, organisers had had to use water-filled barriers to close off the Mall and part of the carpark for the two-day event. The water was all poured into gutters at the end of the fair.

But this year, trucks were allowed to replace the large plastic barriers – and worked a treat, said Leura Village Association president, Piercarlo Cuneo.

“The use of the vehicles proved to be a success,” he said. “The council representative was present on Saturday during the positioning of the trucks in the Mall and utes in the car park.

“The positioning and removal was done without particular issues.

“The public appreciated the use of the local business trucks, avoiding the wastage of a considerable amount of fresh water.”

And the local truck owners appreciated the all-day free “advertising” exposure, he added.