Comment invited about Blackheath's Memorial Park

Blackheath’s Soldiers Memorial Park is to get another management plan, less than a decade after its last one.

The new plan is a master plan, required by council because the park has been elevated to the status of “district park” – one of four in the Mountains (along with Wentworth Falls Lake Reserve, Buttenshaw Park at Springwood and Glenbrook Park).

A council spokeswoman explained that a master plan and a plan of management (which was made for the park in 2009) were two different planning documents, although related.

“A plan of management sets out the intended and permissible uses of the land including things like leases and events etc. A master plan is more prescriptive and sets out exactly where things will go, for example, play equipment, paths, planting; shelters etc.”

Council is now seeking public input, specifically about walking paths and access, shade and shelters, toilets and water management.

Water is one of the major issues in the park, not surprisingly as it was originally a series of swamps which was historically used as a watering place for stock travelling between Bathurst and Sydney.

Construction work over the years has led to water forming on the ground, particularly on one of the paths to the pool.

The community is invited to go to council’s have your say website and answer a survey and/or offer suggestions or ideas for improvements.

Consultation is open until November 23.

A draft master plan will be created taking into account the comments and suggestions. It is expected to be exhibited early next year.