Film star's alleged victim may face court

Chinese actor Yunxiang Gao (right) is seen leaving Central Court in August. Photo: AAP
Chinese actor Yunxiang Gao (right) is seen leaving Central Court in August. Photo: AAP

The woman who says a high-profile Chinese actor sexually assaulted her in a Sydney hotel might be ordered to give oral evidence before the case goes to trial.

Gao Yunxiang, previously likened to China's "Hugh Jackman" by one of his lawyers, faces multiple charges after a party at the luxury Shangri-La hotel in the early hours of March 27.

Gao's barrister John Korn told Central Local Court on Friday the complainant's first and third police statements contained different accounts of what happened inside the hotel room between her, Gao and a co-accused, Chinese producer Wang Jing, including whether there was sexual intercourse.

"It's not even an inconsistency but a contradiction," Mr Korn said.

Mr Korn says grainy CCTV shows the woman "kissing and cuddling" Wang in a karaoke bar and more footage shows her outside the hotel shoulder-to-shoulder with Wang.

He argued that went against the prosecution's allegations that the complainant's arms were pinned outside the hotel and she was forced into the room.

"It's not our word but CCTV that has demonstrated plainly the diametric opposite," he said.

Victims of sexual assault are typically not required to take the stand at the committal stage unless a magistrate rules there are special circumstances.

Mr Korn said the differences in her statements, and between her account of the night and CCTV footage warranted special circumstances.

"We aren't looking for an avenue to attack her," he said.

"We must know what case it is we have to meet (at trial)."

Prosecutor Daniel Waldmann opposed the application, saying menstrual blood and semen found in the hotel made the inference of sexual activity "irresistible".

That the complainant may have consensually displayed affection with Wang before entering the hotel room was "of little to no relevance" to the activity that happened inside, he said.

Magistrate Beverley Schurr said she would hand down a decision on the application on Wednesday.

Australian Associated Press