Marriage, Las Vegas-style with Glenbrook Players

Ken Fletcher as Lou and Ria Koppen as Sandy.

Ken Fletcher as Lou and Ria Koppen as Sandy.

Four Weddings and an Elvis, by Nancy Frick, is the second of Glenbrook Players production for 2018.

Set in a fun filled Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the play opens at the wedding of Bev and Stan from Roanoke, Virginia. Recently dumped and divorced by their respective exes, they are determined to make their former partners “sick with regret” – by marrying each other.

Despite still carrying a torch for his former wife, Stan is an angry man bent on the revenge-by-marriage plan, no matter what the consequences. Bev, to complicate things, has fallen in love with Stan. She secretly hopes that once they are married he will fall for her too. After 17 years in the business chapel proprietor, Sandy, can see where that train is headed. She knows that not even Elvis could pull that off.

Four-times-married herself and three-times-divorced Sandy has seen it all. Or so she thinks until she meets Marvin and Fiona. Feisty Fiona has just been paroled and is set to reinvent herself by marrying postal worker Marvin after a sweetly quirky Internet romance. 

All appears to be on track for this delightful duo until jailbird, Fist, re-enters the picture. But not before faded celebrities Vanessa Wells and Bryce Cannon have swept in with style for their media makeover marriage.

With a set so sweet you could eat it, this fast-paced comedy and its terrific cast is deftly directed by Rosie Crossing and John Bailey.

Sandy, played by Ria Koppen, Bev (Sophie Seaborn), Stan/Producer (Kane Baltetsch), John/Elvis (Phil Donney), Bryce Cannon (Christopher Bancroft), Vanessa Wells (Margaret Bell), Lou George (Ken Fletcher), Fiona (Angela Pezzano), Marvin (Josh Stojanovic), Fist (Tom Oriti), Fleur (Mya Pockran), Ken (John Bailey).

Four Weddings and an Elvis opens on Friday, November 16 at Glenbrook Community Theatre with further performances on the November 17, 23 and 24.  Booking information can be found at, or phone 4739 1110.