Radiata Plateau protection talks with Liberals

Blue Mountains Conservation Society representatives recently met with Blue Mountains Liberal candidate Owen Laffin, and NSW Upper House MLC Shayne Mallard to discuss the campaign to conserve Radiata Plateau.

The meeting enabled the society to fully explain the environmental and heritage importance of the plateau and the threats facing it, should development proceed.

“The meeting was a great opportunity for both Mr Mallard and Mr Laffin to hear and discuss, in depth, the issues facing the plateau and understand the necessity for ongoing protection,” said Blue Mountains Conservation Society president Madi Maclean.

The meeting came in response to the publication of an open letter in the Blue Mountains Gazette in December, calling on the NSW government to purchase the plateau for inclusion in the Blue Mountains National Park.

“We hope that we can continue our discussions with Mr Laffin and Mr Mallard and pursue further meetings with the NSW government, including the NSW Minister for the Environment, Ms Gabrielle Upton,” Ms Maclean said.

The open letter, signed by more than 40 local environmental and heritage groups, community leaders and state-wide environmental groups, demonstrated the widespread and ongoing support to find a solution to save the plateau, Ms Maclean said.

The majority of Radiata Plateau is private land owned by Maharishi’s Global Administration and Natural Law, that has wanted to develop the site.

In March 2017 the NSW Land and Environment Court refused two development applications on Radiata Plateau from Maharishi’s, but approved one dwelling on Pulpit Hill Rd, from which the plateau is accessed.

The organisation provides public access to the plateau, which is a haven for rock climbers and bushwalkers.

The society is continuing to pursue discussions with the current owners of Radiata Plateau.