Passion of Wallis Bird's performance

Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird

Irish-born, Berlin-based artist Wallis Bird will play at the Blue Mountains Music Festival on March 15-17.

Wallis is currently focused on making her next record, which will be heavily soul-influenced and is set to be released in 2019. In the meantime, she has unveiled a first taste with her track The Ocean - a love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and a very personal ballad.

The Ocean music video is a romantic lesbian love story that pays tribute to love over fear through contemporary dance. Directed by Sydney-based Dublin born filmmaker, Sinéad McDevitt, it stars choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance finalist Yukino McHugh, alongside Sydney Dance Company trained artist Olivia Kingston, as they celebrate the story of one woman's universe expanding the more she connects with her lover.

"We made The Ocean as a gift to our younger selves who struggled with our sexuality," Wallis said. "Growing up in Ireland, we never saw lesbian love stories depicted on MTV and therefore never had access to powerful narratives that celebrated or represented the love stories that we could really relate to." 

Refreshingly honest, bold, hilarious and raw, Wallis Bird's expressive vocals and driving guitar rhythms have been taking worldwide audiences by storm. Her startlingly passionate performances leave Bird breathless and her acoustic guitar strings shredded. 

Bird's irrepressible energy on stage is one of her trademarks. In 2016, she played a 12-hour free gig in aid of refugee charities in Berlin, even finding enough strength to play an encore.

Though you might not catch another 12-hour show anytime soon, you can be sure that few can enchant an audience the way Wallis Bird can. See