Love, red roses and a proposal this Valentine’s Day?

It’s typically the day of red roses, chocolate hearts and a dinner date, but could it also be the opportune time for a marriage proposal?

“Valentine’s Day is a great time to take stock of your relationship after Christmas is over,” says Lapstone marriage celebrant Susan Artup.

“You may consider what direction to take your relationship in. Valentine’s Day can be a great prompt for this and whether you take the next step.

“It’s now a day of buying gifts, and dinner out – it sends a message that you’re my love. It’s a day to consolidate your relationship or kick off your relationship or maybe a proposal.”

The marriage celebrant of 25 years recently released a guide to getting married, entitled Love is in the Air. It’s a handbook of tips and advice for planning a wedding. 

Ms Artup was married for 27 years. Her husband Peter died 16 years ago and she’s never remarried. She shares her own story in the book, alongside the tips, and says the Blue Mountains is a great place for getting married.

Ms Artup recalls a ceremony at Evan’s Lookout in Blackheath where the guests broke into spontaneous choral singing of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, contrasted with a quiet elopement at Lincoln’s Rock where the couple said their vows and then collapsed into each other’s arms.

In the book she also explores the meaning of love and commitment. And what makes a successful marriage?

“Letting the other person have a life apart from you,” Ms Artup responds.

Caring for your partner’s welfare as you would your own was also important, as was communication, respect, and accepting changes in your partner and never taking them for granted.

Ms Artup says she’s conducted at least 20 ceremonies for members of the gay community since the marriage act was amended to allow same-sex couples to marry.

There are ceremonies where couples want to shout their love from the rooftops to quiet ceremonies at home, including their children in the ring exchange.

Love is in the Air is available online at Amazon and locally at Megalong Books in Leura, Glenbrook Newsagency and Katoomba Fine Florist, Springwood Florist and Glenbrook Flower Empire.