Warring parties over 5G

A protest about the introduction of 5G and a mayoral minute from Cr Mark Greenhill acknowledging their concerns lit up Facebook.

Tanya Au Yeung Skibinski: I hope this group isn't using mobile phones, not flying on planes, not watching TV and not using electricity. Guess what? They all have electromagnetic waves!

Lester Pasley: They want to go back to having two cans with a piece of wire between them as a telephone.

Linda Dewildemoon: Research people, and don't spit out dumb, nasty, spiteful things at your fellow community.

Nick Schapowal: Can council get the basics right (like collecting garbage, roads, dealing with asbestos safely) before posturing on this kind of thing?

Damien Liddle: I would be happy with GOOD 3G in the mountains.

Jim Kirk: There is far more danger from the 4G phone in your pocket constantly pinging your gut at less than 1cm away.

Jamie Milson: Mountain Moaners at it again. Whining about everything.

Virna Duran Carrucini: Kudos to these brave people! Keep doing what you're doing and keep speaking up. 5G is a danger to our health.

Rob Gee: Please people before you knock the anti 5G crowd try some independent research. Don't be a sheep, don't be a facebook mainstream group thinker.

Richard Vandervelden: Causes cancer I suppose, same as hair dye and radio waves in the 1960s.

Peter Nangle: I wonder if Mark Greenhill is writing to the Federal Minister because the mobile phone reception is so bad?

Brian G Gibson: Blue Mountains City Council stay within the charter ... looking after their council’s area and don't waste ratepayers’ money on non-council business.

Michael Vorsty: Why can't they protest something that is actually a problem. For example the annoying traffic lights at Wentworth Falls.