Independent campaigner Jeremy Buckingham came to Katoomba for a photo op - oops

He's been in the sunshine at Kiama on the South Coast and in the surf at Bondi Beach so independent Upper House candidate Jeremy Buckingham thought he'd head west to the Three Sisters in Katoomba.

Carrying his giant letter "L", representing the group he can be found in on the election ballot paper, Mr Buckingham and his colleague/cameraman, Max Phillips, made the drive up the Mountains today.

Uh-oh, they thought, as they drove through increasingly misty Wentworth Falls and Leura.

And right on cue, as they arrived in town, Katoomba disappeared. And not just some wispy, mood-setting mist but a heavy, thick white-out that obscured not just the Three Sisters but virtually everything else at Echo Point.

Not to be deterred, Mr Buckingham set himself up for the Gazette's camera and pointed to where the view would be - if it had happened to be a day with a view.

He even engaged the "Beijing vote", persuading some of the tourists to pose with him.

And he was still in campaign mode.

"I'm running a ticket of 15 community activists and environmental campaigners I've worked with over the years. We're group L," he said, perhaps unnecessarily as at the time he was standing in front of the big lime green L he'd brought along.

"We're focused unashamedly on putting the voice of the community and the environment into the NSW Parliament."

He is campaigning for action on climate change, building renewable energy, saving biodiversity and saving the Murray Darling River system, he said.

"I'm also a fierce fighter against corruption in politics and in keeping the bastards honest."

Mr Buckingham was a Greens MLC from 2011-2018 but resigned last December. He said now he was an independent he had the "capacity to specialise on these [campaign] issues".

The other parties had to resist vested interests - from big business for the Liberal/Nationals or from mining unions for Labor.

"And unfortunately the Greens have been consumed by extreme left forces that want to see the end of capitalism before the end of climate change," he said.

And with that, he and Mr Phillips packed up their big L and literally disappeared into the mist.