Colours and classes at Mt Tomah

The golden light and russet maple leaves make autumn a magical time to visit the Blue Mountain Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. Make the most of a day or overnight trip by checking out one of the nature-inspired workshops, exhibitions or school holiday programs.

Autumn at Mt Tomah

Autumn at Mt Tomah

Some of the autumn events include: Flora Sensa, an exhibition of 10 textile artists from the Mountains, exploring heightened moments when flowers touched their lives.

Ranging from weaving, felting and sewing to printmaking and installations, each artist brings their own experiences and skill to create a tapestry of colour and meaning. It's on from April 13 to May 26.

Buzzy bees: Like our landscapes and people, native bees are beautiful, diverse and fascinating. Join Megan Halcroft PhD at Buzz on Native Bees to learn about how bees drive biodiversity and support food security as the world’s most efficient flower pollinators.

On April 23, the event will start with a seminar on native bees followed by a hands-on walk, talk and live study of native bees and other insects.

Fairy fun in the Mountains: Fairies are having an adventure at the garden next school holidays. Fairy Adventure interactive theatre takes children on a journey of mischief and magic, while learning about how the fairies live in harmony with plants and animals and how we can do the same. Join the fun on Thursday, April 18.

Calling all mini scientists. Nerd Alert is two hours of hands-on science for curious kids who like to make things, experiment, use gadgets and find out cool stuff. These school holidays have fun in our Messing Around with Boats program on Monday, April 15, and come back for Light and Colour on Tuesday, April 16.