Rare opportunity to try rogaining in the Blue Mountains

Australasian ultra veteran rogaining champions Andy Macqueen and Greg King know a thing or two about navigating in the bush.

The Blue Mountains duo have been rogaining partners since the '90s, which has seen them compete nationally and internationally to navigate in the bush using a compass and map, to various checkpoints to collect as many points as possible within a time limit.

"We nut out a route before we start and plan our possible options," King said.

"I come up with an idea and Greg says no," Macqueen adds. "By the time we start we're happy with what we agree on. Every now and then he [Greg] says 'hang on a moment.'"

The pair are helping organise a six-hour rogaine in Springwood on Sunday, March 24, only the third rogaine in the Lower Mountains in a decade.

Starting at Springwood Public School at 10am, the course stretches between Faulconbridge and Blaxland, and will contain everything the Blue Mountains is famous for - rainforest, lookouts, caves and other interesting rock formations, and waterfalls.

It's suitable for all ages, and entrants compete in teams of two to five. More than 100 people have registered already.

"The map will cover bush areas and urban streets, so you can choose whether you want to focus on bush running/walking or sticking to the roads and parks. Either way, the course will not disappoint with its great variety of tracks and route options," NSW Rogaining Association organisers said.

Check out www.nswrogaining.org for information, and register before Friday, March 22.