Percussion choir to start in Blaxland

Anne Plummer

Anne Plummer

Town musicians "die Ratsmusiker" are starting a unique choir that both sings and plays percussion. The Percussion Choir will meet weekly in Blaxland from Monday, April 29.

Coordinator Anne Plummer said: "Latest research shows that playing music together can have a big positive effect on people's outlook. Come along, make new friends and have fun. Let off steam. Find your voice. Gain confidence and music skills in our shame-free zone.

"We'll be playing home-made percussion instruments. The singing is optional until everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own voice. We'll have supper and the venue has wheelchair access and is literally across the road from Blaxland train station.

"We need people over 18 years old. We'll eventually be doing special projects for the community, such as accompanying rap contests. We'll also each be filming each session to stream it to people who can't get out, and as a music teaching tool."

Music will include songs of resilience and resistance by Korn, Rammstein and Fear Factory. The choir will also learn songs from medieval times and Game of Thrones and purely instrumental works such as the Terminator theme.

Register by texting Anne on 0415 533 195 or email