ABC TV show: Employable Me's Sarah Keenahan is a little person with a big mission

Former Korowal School student Sarah Keenahan is a little person with a big mission - to change attitudes towards dwarfism.

Both Sarah and her mum have the condition achondroplasia dwarfism which affects one in 30,000 children.

The 18-year-old has finished her 13 years of school and is searching for work - "ready for the new adventure of life". Her journey is being documented through the critically acclaimed ABC TV program Employable Me.

It's the second series profiling young people with disabilities as they seek meaningful work.

Sarah has spent her life adapting and "getting over judgments and labels". She contends with stigmas and "yell outs .. mainly [the word] midget ... it's socially acceptable to be the brunt of jokes" she tells the TV audience.

She was convinced to go on the show by her Mum, Debra, an artist and academic, who has navigated many challenging situations herself.

As Debra says: "In the 19th century they had the freak shows, it was from them that people with this condition started meeting serious barriers, there's still that stigma."

Sarah trains guide dog puppies. She started in Year 2 - "mostly by cuddling them" - and is now up to her fifth puppy. "Mum calls me a dog whisperer ... they seem to gravitate towards me," she says.

With this interest in veterinarian studies, the show cements her calling, when she is successful in getting work experience at a vet clinic near Windsor.

She heads off to the role in her adapted car, bringing along her 40cm pink step stool. While there she assists during an emergency caesarean - helping save all of the nine pups' lives in the process.

Vineyard Veterinary Hospital's Dr Zammit, tells her after the experience. "I think you have got a lot of potential kid".

She is now enrolled in animal studies at TAFE and is hoping to be a vet nurse.

"It's not as if one episode in one series is going to change all of society, but yes, it can be a stepping stone, people can look at it and say, she can do everything everyone else can do, she just needs a step stool," she said.

Sarah, from Leonay, has been previously profiled in the Blue Mountains Gazette after her champion haul in the World Dwarf games two years ago. The 117cm athlete finished with six gold medals in swimming, as well as silver medals in soccer and a track and field relay event. She's put those goals on hold for the next two years until her vet nursing training is complete.

Produced by Northern Pictures (Magical Land of Oz, Changing Minds, Ice Wars), Employable Me was commissioned by the ABC as part of its commitment to bring diverse stories, including those about people with disabilities, into focus. Principal production funding has been from Screen Australia, with the assistance of the NSW Department of Industry and Create NSW.

The show can be seen on ABC iView.