Horoscopes: week beginning May 26

Horoscopes: week beginning May 26

ARIES: Arian natives are a touch confused about some aspect of their life during May 29, 30, paralysing action. It's good to stop and think about the problems at hand. May 30, 31 is a great time to escape from the harsh realities of life and indulge yourself in the fulfilment of personal needs. There are others who are willing to assist you.

TAURUS: Taurus has doubts about something they are striving to attain during May 29, 30: a financial vulnerability exists or there is a weak link in a chain of communication or line of thought. Your dreams inspire new goals during May 30, 31 and are more achievable because you possess the skills and desires to achieve them. This is a very creative time.

GEMINI: Gemini natives tend to stumble as they climb that career ladder during May 29, 30, so you need to ensure you fully comprehend any situation you are about to tackle: place things in context. Beauty, compassion and humanity will guide you on your life path during May 30, 31, with many incorporating such elements into their career path. Artistic and creative trends assist.

CANCER: Information you are receiving may well be misleading during May 29, 30, even if it seems to come from an authoritative source. All people make mistakes so, if in doubt, double check. Beautiful and dreamy thoughts tend to weave a magical spell in Cancerian lives during May 30, 31. This makes for delightful interactions on a social level.

LEO: You need to make yourself fully aware of the fine print in any policies you hold as they may well be problematic during May 29, 30: the same goes for any financial communications. Things tend to run smoothly during May 30, 31 for leonine individuals, ensuring the easy management of personal relations as well as financial interests. Plans run smoothly.

VIRGO: With your eyes set on something personally important to you, it is possible that misunderstandings could arise between yourself and your partner during May 29, 30: don't make assumptions. Beautifully romantic trends weave magic into the lives of Virgoans and their partners during May 30, 31. An empathic bond ensures understandings are reached.

LIBRA: A vulnerability exists in the Libran constitution during May 29, 30, so try avoiding excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes and other toxins; minimise exposure to contagions. Libran individuals are at a creative premium during May 30, 31, ensuring that any work produced is outstanding, particularly if elements of design are important factors.

SCORPIO: Uncertainty associated with a child or romance can raise anxiety levels during May 29, 30. It's important to make sure of your facts then and keep track of children. There are so many ways in which love can touch your life during May 30, 31, whether romance casts an enchantment over you or idealistic involvement with a child fills your heart with joy.

SAGITTARIUS: It seems that misunderstandings disturb domestic quietude during May 29, 30. Sagittarius needs to clarify plans and ideas with other family members. Your home is a place that you can truly relax during May 30, 31, with the predominant mood there being compassionate and quiet; an aura of safety envelopes you.

CAPRICORN: Don't believe all you read and hear during May 29, 30, as there is an element of fantasy or illusion around it. Situations need to be put into perspective. Gentleness characterises most of your interactions during May 30, 31, whether you are talking with a neighbour or relative, or sauntering along a boulevard and engaging absolute strangers.

AQUARIUS: Flawed communications tend to give rise to misunderstandings over money during May 29, 30. Take the time to clarify important details, for losses may occur otherwise. You'll particularly enjoy those activities that earn you money during May 30, 31, for you are surrounded by both opportunity and ideal circumstances; you do things with style.

PISCES: Piscean individuals are prone to flights of fantasy making it difficult, sometimes, for others to reach you. Such a situation arises during May 29, 30: come down to earth. Pisceans seem to be at peace with the world around them during May 30, 31 as harmonious influences gently sweep them along in their wake; you are buffered against adversity.

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